About Us

Veronica Allardice and Charles Coupland are experts in the field of business voice coaching, presentation training, leadership communication and inspirational leadership development with over 25 years of experience in the public and private sector.

Veronica and Charles, Directors of the Theatre of Leadership, first realized the power of the performing arts to create confidence, ignite passion, release insight and shift understanding by teaching performing arts at post-secondary and tertiary level.

Moving into corporate leadership education after working in business in senior and executive roles in leadership development, employee communication and culture change, Veronica and Charles were struck by the lack of focus in organizations on developing the imaginative, intuitive and expressive dimensions of leading.

The importance of leadership presence, voice skills and oral communication techniques for inspiring and transforming workplaces, for example, has been largely ignored, or left to chance.

They founded the Theatre of Leadership in 1997 to address this imbalance. The communication and leadership programs and services they now offer tackle this inspiration gap head on.

Veronica Allardice

Veronica’s qualifications include a Master’s degree in Business Management & Public Policy; a Licentiate in Speech & Drama coupled with a Bachelor of Education in English, Speech & Drama.

She also graduated (with Distinction) in Advanced Voice Studies (Postgraduate Diploma) from the esteemed Royal Central School of Speech & Drama in London.

The Royal Central School of Speech & Drama has a global reputation as a leader in Voice Studies and in all aspects of Theatre training.

Veronica was the first Australian to graduate from the Royal Central School in Advanced Voice Studies. She is one of Australia's most experienced voice coaches.

Prior to co-founding the Theatre of Leadership, Veronica taught Performing Arts for 15 years. She was awarded an Education Department Travelling Scholarship to study at Central as recognition for her outstanding contribution and talent as a teacher of performing arts.

After completing her Masters in Business Veronica held senior and executive roles in Management Development, Employee Communication and Culture Change working in the telecommunications industry. She has also worked as a theatre director and as a voice coach with actors, broadcasters and actors-in-training.

Charles Coupland

Charles Coupland has a Bachelor of Education (with Distinction) from the Royal Central School of Speech & Drama, London.

Charles is a highly skilled facilitator and broadly experienced working with groups to develop leadership, presentation and communication skills.

Charles was educated in the UK and spent eight years in France where he worked as a freelance writer and translator. Since arriving in Australia in 1984 Charles has worked in the Senior Secondary, Technical and Further Education, and Tertiary education sectors. Charles is also a talented script writer, actor, visual artist and musician.

Veronica and Charles have chosen to apply their knowledge, talent and skills to helping others perform with distinction on the business stage. They work with CEO’s, senior business partners, directors, executive teams, and high potential business managers. Based in Australia, their work takes them around the world. 

The way we work.

Theatre of Leadership™ training is conducted by two expert voice, speech, presentation, business communication and leadership development coaches trained both in Australia and graduated with Distinction from the Royal Central School of Speech & Drama, London. Veronica and Charles are two of the most experienced professional voice, speech and leadership communication coaches in Australia. They are recognised as leading experts in their field. 

They have pioneered the importance of the expressive-facilitative domain in leadership education and explored innovative ways of using the skills and techniques of theatre performance to develop a more inspirational brand of leader for the 21st century. Their combined skills make Theatre of Leadership™ training unique and highly effective. 

Veronica and Charles are highly talented coaches skilled at bringing out the best in others. They provide a safe yet stimulating learning environment that encourages people to step out of their comfort zone, try new approaches and take themselves to the next level as leaders and communicators.

Whether you are a novice or a seasoned performer on the business stage, the Theatre of Leadership offers the opportunity and expert guidance you  need to rehearse and perfect your new skills as an inspiring leader and as a credible, compelling communicator.

People come to us because they do not want the ‘same old, same old’ approaches to presentation and communication skills training and leadership development. Clients who use us are looking to be ‘best in their field’. They want to be challenged, stretched and excited. They want expert guidance based on deep knowledge of body work, voice work, presentation and performance techniques, the psychology of peak performance and inspirational leadership approaches. Our clients thrive on the personalized development experience and constructive personal feedback we provide.


Why it's vital.

The aim of the Theatre of Leadership is simple: to improve the performance of organisations by developing the ability of its key people to communicate with impact and lead in a more inspirational way.

The work we do is vital today for the following reasons:


Command and control models for leading and communicating are over. In the past, a leader’s responsibility as a leader/communicator rested more or less on providing good information and clear direction. People more readily accepted direction. Leaders got away with using communication tools that went little beyond plain facts, graphs and pie charts. Today people demand more. We have moved beyond seeing leadership and leadership communication as merely functional or transactional to something that is emotionally engaging. It is no longer possible to command commitment, one can only inspire it. 


Research shows that the qualities of being Inspiring and Forward Looking are rated well above any others when people are asked what they most want from their leaders. In today’s challenging environment, we believe that, more than ever, the world needs inspirational leaders and communicators who can awaken within all of us - the spirit of possibility. We need leaders who can help us see the invisible, dream the improbable and achieve the impossible. We want our leaders to have the capability to inspire us to achieve the extraordinary. 


The Information Age has morphed into the Conceptual Age where high value is placed on creative, empathetic communicators who can be compelling. In a world over-burdened with information, Conceptual Age communicators go beyond the mere regurgitation of facts, data lists and an over reliance on the power of pure logic. Today we need to be skilled at distilling key messages, discovering fresh imagery, and designing powerful narratives that create new meaning to engage others at an emotional as well as an intellectual level. The future belongs to such leaders.


Business professionals rely heavily on the voice but most know little about how it works and how to use it optimally. In the alchemy of leadership, a leader’s voice is an essential ingredient. It can bring words and images to life in a way that transcends the literal meaning of words. The voice, used well, can animate words to stir emotions, release fresh insight and inspire confident action. The voice can help sustain a sense of possibility in others and transform lives, communities and organizations. 


Communicators in any field have never before come under so much public scrutiny. The expectations on leaders to be credible, interesting and convincing, as well as having compelling ideas, have never been greater. Today the world wants character, interest, substance and style. To stand out from the crowd, it is essential to be distinctive, authentic and genuinely engaging if you are to win on-going attention and respect. 


Effective leadership is still largely a matter of communication. Your credibility can depend on how you sound. Our research shows that those in key leadership roles spend at least 85% of their time conducting business orally. Deals, vital negotiations, critical conversations, key decisions, crucial perceptions, levels of engagement and business outcomes all ride on a leader’s ability to communicate effectively through the spoken word. Yet most business people spend little or no time developing this capability to reach their full potential.