Do you have the presence of a leader? Does your leadership voice resonate with your people? Can you persuade others to embrace your ideas and strategies for change? Do you communicate enough and in the best way?  Do you have the power and imagination to inspire others? 


It is impossible to be a great leader without great communication.  One’s leadership is as effective as one’s ability to express it.

Leadership research shows us, time and time again, that a leader’s communication style has a profound effect on his or her effectiveness as a leader.  On-going research also tells us that people want their leaders to be more inspirational.

This program invites leaders to reflect on and refine their ability to communicate their leadership agenda effectively and in such a way as to inspire confidence, support and trust.  Without these, high performance is unattainable.

This program helps leaders develop their voices and think more strategically about their leadership communication content and engagement strategies to ensure that their key messages resonate with their people, across their industry and beyond.

The program is delivered as a master class in personal presence, voice skills, articulating vision, strategic messaging, story-boarding skills, communication planning, the art of strategic conversation, techniques ofrhetoric and persuasion, and the use of creative methods to develop, frame and deliver powerful and memorable formal and informal presentations and interactions.

The content and length of this program are tailored for each organization.

It is a perfect preparation for a leadership team about to embark on a new transformational change journey or for those recently appointed to a new leadership role.  Additional personal coaching can be added.

The program covers:

  • Leadership presence
  • Dynamic speaking and presentation skills 
  • INSPIRE model for leadership communication 
  • Communicating through ambiguity and transformational change 
  • Motivation and persuasion
  • Strategic conversations
  • Strategic messaging
  • Conflict management
  • Relationship building
  • Designing your leadership storyboard 
  • Articulating your vision
  • Speaking in impromptu situations
  • Challenges in cross-cultural communication
  • How to find and release your unique, authentic leadership voice.


The Theatre of Leadership training program has been a valuable and rewarding experience; one that has helped me to discover my inner presenter! Veronica and Charles created a warm and supportive learning environment, allowing me to set goals and achieve them. Their depth of knowledge and passion for the subject was apparent. I feel inspired and excited to use the skills I have developed in this program in all aspects of my life. I wholeheartedly recommend this program to others!
— Senior Manager, PwC Consulting
Business leaders at all levels can benefit enormously from voice and theatre training skills to help them learn the art and craft of composing and delivering a compelling performance. Performance that moves hearts and minds.