The Inspiring Leader Program

Help your organisation become a theatre of possibility and a stage for high performance

Effective leaders are able to build the conditions, confidence and energy for inspired action. They are able to galvanize people around a compelling new vision or project. He/she has the capacity to use different leadership techniques and utilize a variety of communication styles and influence techniques to motivate people to think and act beyond self interest.

This program is designed to put the strategic, relational, collaborative and enabling qualities of leaders in the spotlight.  It is for executives, managers and team leaders who want to develop the inspirational leadership communication skills, personal credibility and influence to lead and motivate people, build effective teams, manage diverse relationship, lead through ambiguity, and enable transformation.

These capabilities, when coupled with pragmatic approaches to getting things done, develop powerful new avenues for swift and adaptive responses to the emergent challenges of leading.

A key theme for The Inspiring Leader program will be the leader as an architect of possibility. Emphasis is placed on understanding the strategic context in which your leadership takes place and applying new leadership thinking and practice to keep your leadership relevant, resilient and responsive in a complex , fast changing business environment.

There is a strong individual orientation throughout the program as participants are coached appropriately after practical interventions, improvisations and presentations. 

Participants leave the program with a re-invigorated personal leadership practice which is more potent and inspirational, and a practical game plan for the next phase of their leadership journey.

The Inspiring Leader program is delivered for organizations as a series of one and two-day workshops. The total number of days in the program can be decided by each client group. 

Practical exercises help you to: 

  • review the context in which you lead
  • understand where you lead from (values)
  • use futuring techniques to explore new directions
  • understand the principles of strategic navigation 
  • articulate an inspiring vision
  • apply the RAISE factors
  • learn the behaviours of transformational leadership
  • improve your leadership communication skills
  • use the INSPIRE model 
  • enlist support and grow co-worker commitment
  • build collaborative teams,
  • motivate, coach and influence 
  • lead complex change efforts 
  • manage focus
  • enable sustained high performance
  • develop your personal brand as a leader.  

What they say ...

Unique, practical, individually tailored, action oriented learning, moves you right of your comfort zone, new tools and ways of thinking. The course has challenged the mental models I’ve had about leadership and myself. I’m coming away with a new confidence about my ability and goals I set for myself. Charles and Veronica are a rare dynamic duo that dare you to become the inspirational leader people want to follow. A twelve out of ten.
— High Potential Development Program, Telstra
I find it difficult to express how refreshing it is to attend a training course with such committed, experienced and focused presenters. Their presentation techniques are remarkable in that they are using original and stimulating ideas instead of rehashing some out-dated text book course.
— High Potential Development Program, Telstra