Presence Presentation & Impact: A Personal Diagnostic

Every leader aspiring to make a difference reaches a stage in his or her career when expert advice and guidance is needed to ensure that the way other people experience their personal leadership impact is as potent as possible.

We can help you review and refine your presentation style.  In today's sophisticated media-savvy communication environment, we all find ourselves in a battle for attention. 

Body language, eye contact, posture, vocal tone, vocal variety, rapport, messaging and delivery techniques combine to create the perception others have of our credibility, authority, approachability and influence ability. These features play a huge role in determining how people react to what we say and what we offer.

This is a 3-hr personal diagnostic session. Through a series of practical exercises we help you to reflect on and refine  your personal presence and your leadership communication style.

We help you to  present the best professional image, communicate with impact and strengthen your personal brand. 

You leave with a personal plan we have devised for you to further develop your communication style and personal impact.

“Learning how to create and maintain presence, developing ‘size’ and ‘colour’ in my voice, trying different styles of presentation, learning what works and what doesn’t … it was excellent and would like more coaching in the future" -- Senior Manager, Telstra.