Presence Presentation Voice & Impact

Advanced Presentation Skills Training

This program is aimed at those who want to be standout, first class communicators and presenters.  If as an organization you are looking to develop your top talent, future leaders, or those in key roles, this proven program will get the results you want. 

It incorporates powerful techniques drawn from theatre performance and voice training to develop the presence, confidence, voice, presentation and persuasive communication skills to inform, engage, influence and inspire any audience in any setting. 

We tailor this program for specific organisations.   It is delivered either as a 1.5 day or 2-day workshop.  It can also incorporate additional personal coaching.

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This program is ideal to roll out through a whole organization, Division or team to build communication capabilities and lift the credibility, influence and personal impact of individuals and teams.  It positions them for much greater success as they perform in the spotlight of attention in an increasingly competitive business environment. 

A typical menu of topics explored:

  • Leadership presence and gravitas
  • Relaxation techniques , confidence and performing under pressure
  • Voice skills (breathing, vocal tone, articulation, resonance and projection)
  • Effective body language
  • Principles of oral presentations
  • Dynamic vocal delivery to inform, engage, convince and inspire
  • Persuasion and influence techniques
  • How to distil and craft key messages
  • Using rhetoric, structure and framing to be more compelling
  • Adapting delivery style for different audiences
  • Translating technical or complex industry specific information for the non-technical audience
  • Impromptu speaking and Q&A techniques
  • Finding and strengthening the communication style that works for you.

We offer this from time to time as an Open Program.

Totally brilliant, really enjoyed it, as well as being very practical
— Partner PwC
Best program I’ve participated in at PwC.
— Partner
A fun, enjoyable and highly informative course - I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to develop their communication skills, enhance their ability to handle high-pressure situations and ultimately differentiate themselves in today’s business world
— K. D., Senior Consultant, PwC Australia

You benefit from personal coaching from two of Australia’s most experienced voice, speech, presentation and leadership communication coaches trained in Australia and graduating with Distinction from the esteemed Royal Central School of Speech & Drama in London.

We are recognized as leading experts in our field and have over 25 years built up diverse experience with some of Australia’s top tier organizations and with overseas clients.   We can show you the way to a higher level of performance.