The ability to turn average contributors into A list performers requires managers to be able to apply his or her coaching skills using a unique blend of art and technique, discipline and improvisation; logic and intuition and imagination, passion and persistence. 

Like successful theatre directors, orchestral conductors or sporting coaches, good coaches on the business stage are courageous and skillful enough to create the conditions for outstanding performance. They inspire and motivate others to believe in the possibility of their success. They create the confidence and capability of their followers to move into unknown territory. 

This 2 day program is designed to develop coaching techniques to achieve best performance. 

You will be introduced to a range of principles, models and tools to guide your coaching practice.

Against these you will be able to review your coaching competencies and improve your coaching style by practicing the micro skills of effective coaching. 

At the end of this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Understand the link between feedback and performance
  • Better recognize development opportunities 
  • Understand the critical 4 E’s of performance coaching
  • Craft your coaching interactions for maximum benefit
  • Provide more effective and timely feedback
  • Feel more confident as a performance coach.

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