Frequently Asked Questions

How do you work?

Each program is customized, interactive and practical.  Our clients learn by doing, enhancing skills with videotaped exercises where appropriate.  We design agendas in ½ day, full day or two-day sessions to produce targeted and concrete results.   The length of our programs is designed to suit individual client needs.


Whom do you help?

We've successfully trained a wide variety of individuals, teams and groups. We have a special expertise working with C-suite executives, mid-level leaders, high potential talent and other professional communicators and leaders in the private and public sectors.

We’ve worked with small entrepreneurial organisations, mid-size and large Blue Chip firms, locally and overseas.  In short, we excel at training anyone whose success depends on communicating with power, authenticity and distinction.  We believe in the need for more inspirational leaders.  We work to develop leaders who can inspire extraordinary performance in themselves and others.


How long do your clients generally work with you?

We offer half day, full-day and two-day modules or sessions. These are the building blocks from which clients can construct programs to suit their needs.  Some programs combine group work with on-going one-on-one coaching delivered over a year or 6 months.  Some clients train with us in preparation for a single event, while others come back repeatedly for on-going work. We’re proud that so many of our clients come back to us over the years as their needs change.


Do your programs really make a difference?

Yes! We use our unique Theatre of Leadership methodology to help you become a more confident, compelling presenter and dynamic speaker.  We prepare you for speeches, presentations, client interactions, business pitches, media interviews and other high impact performance situations.

In our leadership programs we use an experiential approach to develop transformational leadership skills.  All of our programs combine whole group, small group and individual coaching support.

We give you new tools and techniques, and then expertly guide your individual performance through rounds of practical exercises, rehearsals, videotaping and targeted feedback.  Our leadership development programs have great success releasing leadership talent with the capacity to inspire.  Ask us about our follow-up consultations designed to help you stay on track with your new skills.

Check our out testimonial page for more on what our clients have to say about their results and their experience of working with us.


Where do you train?

We deliver wherever our clients need us. We can come directly to your site for training, or you can train with us in an agreed venue – a theatre if you like. We have worked in London, Paris and Singapore.  We are based in Australia.

Are you able to train groups or teams and can you train for a variety of communication and inspirational leadership skills?

Yes, we can accommodate varying numbers in our training sessions. We can design different formats for different sized groups.  Some clients choose to run our tailored programs at all levels within their company, Division or team. 


Do you offer public classes or open programs?

Only our advanced presentation skills training program – Beyond Presentation.  Public or open classes are usually best suited for building entry- level skills or for a more generic approach.

Our specialty is providing skill training for mid and senior level executives, high potential talent and professionals of all kinds who want to raise their level of performance.


What makes your coaches so highly qualified?

Our coaches have specialist qualifications and years of experience as communication and leadership development experts in the public and private sectors. We put that expertise to work for our clients by uniquely combining tools and techniques from the performing arts and voice training with transformational leadership training, cutting edge communications practice, and performance coaching techniques.

Our coaches are also gifted facilitators able to draw on best practice leadership communication, leadership development, creative theatre practice and the arts to create unique, stimulating and transformational learning environments for individuals and groups.


Do you offer any special programs or rates?

Yes. We can review video tapes, speeches, articles and presentations and offer phone consultations for those needing expert advice and feedback.

For those needing training and consultation over a variety of disciplines and over a period of time, we offer our services for maximum flexibility and at reduced hourly rates.  Special rates are available for non-profits, small businesses, and individuals who are supporting their own training.


How do we get started?

Call 03 9699 6444 or email for a free consultation.