In recent years Veronica and Charles have provided training for PricewaterhouseCoopers’ new Partners in the area of Presence, Voice & Communicating with Impact. They also work on an as needs basis with senior PwC Partners and a range of individuals at Director and Senior Manager/Consultant levels within the firm. In addition to this, Theatre of Leadership runs other regular development/coaching programs for the Firm.

Theatre of Leadership has run Leadership Development Programs for over 500 High Potential and Senior Managers in Telstra.  In particular, Veronica and Charles worked with Telstra Mobile Engineering. They provided leadership development services for the Executive Team of Telstra’s Mobility Engineering group and delivered a Leadership Development program for High Potential Managers and Team Leaders within the Mobility group.

During this period Theatre of Leadership also ran a range of Voice & Presentation Skills programs and coaching services for High Potential managers and executives across the Corporation.

In past years Theatre of Leadership has also run a number of highly successful High Potential Leadership Development programs for the Victorian Public Sector (VPS) in collaboration with Monash University’s Graduate School of Government. VPS High Potentials were drawn from the Departments of Sustainability & Environment, Human Services, Premier & Cabinet, Treasury & Finance, Justice, The Victorian Electoral Office, The Office of Regulation & Reform (State Development), The Office of the Auditor-General and the Victoria Education Department.

In Australia other clients have included Sensis, KPMG, ANZ,  Glencore, Merck Sharpe & Dohme, Siemens, Allen’s Arthur Robinson, Beiersdorf Australia, Tourism Australia, Teacher’s Health Fund, Glencore and others.

Clients tell us they find our experiential programs ‘excellent’, ‘brilliant’, and ‘inspiring’. They frequently comment on our expertise, passion, energy and imaginative flair in creating transformational learning environments that are different, stimulating, highly effective, challenging yet fun. Frequently our clients rate our programs as the best, or one of the best, learning experiences they have had. 


In recent years Veronica and Charles have trained over 100 Directors and Deputy Directors from the UK’s Senior Civil Service working for the UK Cabinet Office; worked with Australian firms Telstra Europe (the Senior Executive team); Denton Corker Marshall (the Executive team); with the law firm Allen & Overy (Senior Managers & Partner); with Deutsche Bank (Women’s Network); and with Senior Traders at the London Office of the Commonwealth Bank. At the Australian High Commission in London, they have worked with a number of Senior Trade Development Managers. Charles and Veronica also work one-on-one with the CEO of a leading international company based in London.


Veronica and Charles have worked with senior business executives from Societe Generale and the CEO of Private Wealth Insurance Company. They have also presented to the Australian Business in Europe (ABIE) and to the ADVANCE Group.


Veronica and Charles have worked with 50 Branch Managers from Citibank in Indonesia. Veronica spent a number of years contributing programs to the Singapore Institute of Public Administration. Veronica and Charles have also trained over 150 Directors and Deputy Directors from the Singapore Monetary Authority.