Master communicators centre stage in the theatre of work

THE FUTURE BELONGS TO MASTER COMMUNICATORS. Daniel Pink in A Whole New Mind: Moving from the Information Age to the Conceptual Age has some advice for those who want to get ahead in business in what he sees as a new conceptual age. In this new age, he posits that clients and customers are searching beyond functionality or utility to find greater significance and meaning.

He believes that the linear, left-brain, ‘spreadsheet type’ abilities that have dominated in the past is still necessary but not sufficient any more. He sees the scales of value being re-balanced. The power of artistry, inventiveness, empathy, big-picture thinking and making meaning will be given higher value in business.

Pink is proposing that left brain skills, such as logic and analysis, and right brain skills, such as synthesis and intuition, be put to work in a more balanced and harmonious way to create meaning, relevance and significance in a world drowning in information.

What matters more than mere data says Pink “…is the ability to place these facts in context and to deliver them with emotional impact.”

“Conceptual age” communicators go beyond the mere regurgitation of facts and dot point data lists. They are skilled at recognizing patterns, seeing nuance, making connections, discovering fresh imagery, and designing powerful narratives to create new meaning. These communicators, Pink suggests, will be in high demand as we move deeper into the conceptual age.