Inspiration: How to find it

What leader wouldn’t want to be more inspirational? But hang on, aren’t some people born with an inspirational gene and the rest of us are fated to play catch-up? Of course some people are more easily able to inspire others due to any number of influences, inborn characteristics and opportunities.

However it’s worth remembering that inspiration comes in as many different styles and packages as there are people. It is all about identifying and fanning the spark of individuality connected to the desire to achieve.

Inspirational leadership can be nurtured in people once they have understood and started to experiment with the foundation skills revealed through a number of seminal research studies into the nature of charisma and inspirational leadership practice. It has been proven that you can learn the skills associated with a more inspirational approach. These techniques form part of the Theatre of Leadership methodology.

An inspirational individual opens up possibilities that lead beyond self-imposed personal limits. We need inspiration more than ever in our lives and in our businesses.

Finding your inspirational mojo takes courage and the will to experiment. Start now by by practising the art of reflection. Start today to get in touch with those things that inspire you. Is it music, art, literature, mathematics, technology, athletic performance, architecture & design, poetry, antiquity, travel, people we know, or history? These are just a few sources for inspiration.

Find what inspires and energizes you. What analogies can you develop? What metaphors, symbols or stories can you use in your leadership communication to make it more potent and memorable?

Be open to how your sources of inspiration can inspire your work as a leader. Be prepared. They may provide the spark that ignites others.

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