How can you use your voice more effectively in the workplace?

In the workplace and elsewhere, your voice plays a powerful role in the emotional judgments people make about your personality, authority, trustworthiness and credibility. While the way your voice sounds is dramatically affected by your personal psychology, self-esteem and posture, any voice can risk being dull and open to misinterpretation without tone colour, variety, emphasis, energy and melody.

Try to keep your intention to communicate clearly and with authenticity in the back of your mind. Practise good posture and eliminate tension from your body, starting with keeping your shoulders, facial muscles and jaw relaxed.

Good communicators work on developing vocal tone and variety. To develop good vocal tone you need to produce the voice correctly, develop a good ear to listen to your voice and have the ability to make subtle adjustments. Developing vocal variety requires a sense of rhythm, good timing and the courage, skill and the sensitivity to control and shape vocal dynamics.

Humans are attracted to pleasant, warm vocal tones, which come with a good balance between head, mouth and chest resonance, and good breath energy behind your voice to give it size and vitality.

How you use eye contact, gesture, facial expression and your space are also important.

In brief, aim for: 

  • Good posture and body alignment, which also produce greater personal presence
  • Adequate breath support
  • Good vocal placement
  • A well-balanced vocal resonance
  • Good articulation and vocal projection
  • An expressive, engaging vocal style

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